Adam Gordon

CEO, Candidate.ID

Adam Gordon

CEO, Candidate.ID


My vision is a world in which talent pipelines are accessible and sustainable for all employers and it’s encapsulated in this HRD briefing, ‘Talent Demand Generation’:–an-hrd-briefingpdf

A bit about me personally:
12 Min Convo with Engel Jones, December 2017


Recruitment Animal Show, March 2018:

Chad and Cheese Show, Firing Squad, Feb 2018—Adam-Gordon-CEO-and-Co-Founder-of-CandidateID

RecTech Podcast, May 2017:

Recruitment Animal Show, May 2017:

Candidate.ID® is the world’s only dedicated talent pipeline automation software (one of the 10 most disruptive technologies in HR, 2016 AND ’17) and can reduce time-to-shortlist by 60%. Find out how to get ahead using this Talent Pipeline Playbook:

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